7 Signs to Know you are an Ugly girl

This is a funny post. I aint hitting at anyone thou!!
7 Signs To Know You Are An Ugly
•If You Are Ugly, then you must
be familiar with these signs:
1. Ugly girls will tag 100 people
in a picture and still get 2 likes,
Probably from her family
2. Dudes will feel free when
talking to you, Because they see
you as another fellow dude.
Some will even seek your advice
on how to woo another girl.
3. When a group of girls wanna
take a picture, they hand over the
camera to her. If you’re that girl,
then you are ugly. (no one needs
to tell you).
4. If no guy has ever paid your
transport fare in a public bus,
then you have to do something
about your looks.
5. Whenever there is drama
rehearsals in your church, they
always select you to play the role
of a witch, vampire or demon.
6. Most girls with sweet names
on facebook like”mo cute”,”pink
Berry”,”Sexy baby
Queen”,”Nicky”a re usually very
7. Ugly girls won’t even like this
post and would comment harshly
because they are angry with me
right now for exposing them.

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