The Prince without a King

There once lived a Prince without a King
not in a distant land or far far away.
But in the cities, towns and villages
of modern day society.
The King walked away from the palace, never to return.

The Queen was broken hearted
not for herself, but for the Prince
that would never be a man.
She could teach him many things
except for how to be a king.

The Prince would see his mother cry
and told her everything would be alright.
He would excuse the absence of his father
finding peace within himself.

Using no strength or emotion
on bitterness or hate, that would not change a single thing.

He would hunt with his uncle
learn a work ethic from his brother.
He gained knowledge from his teacher
and power from his preacher.

Every girl was a princess
and he would treat them with respect.
He grew up without his father
but he would become his own man.

On the day he would have taken over
a message he would receive.
“I am sorry you grew up without a father
and now you will never be a King.
And to this he would reply”

“But I am a Prince, a man of my people.
I have earned their love and respect.
I honor thy mother and thy bride
I break bread with my brother.
and there is peace inside of me.”

But more than anything, I have no desire to leave.
So why father, I askā€¦ would I want to be King.

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Poem: A friend of Achievements

Yesterday has gone……….Today is here
What have a achieved?……What will I achieve?
As the sun goes up and down,
So do dreams come and go
Its up to you to pick them
Grind them, and grow them
From the scratch……..I started my journey
Moving from valley to mountain
Don’t sit down my friend
Get up and work
Don’t be an enemy to success
But be a friend of achievements

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Love Poem: Am waiting for your love

O! Alas, she’s walking unto me
Her smile gazing into my face
Her lipstick shines like red gloss for me to see
And her cheeks shone like the sun’s gaze
Bitter sweet is her voice
One my human brains can’t diffuse
Gentle fury is her walk
One my eyes still can induce
I’d stay outside waiting with patience
Not to talk to you, but to see you walk by
I would wait by the angles of dark lights
Just to use your beauty as a road lights
When you read this, you would smile
And say to yourself, its a lie
But ill wait in anticipation and desire
For when you will be my woman and lover.

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Poetry: O Mum

Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset
That’s how to describe your everyday presence
Your voice is like oil to my engine
Keeping my up and still dreaming
O Mum, how can I explain your care
Was it the days of hunger
Or those of danger
9 months in your womb, 9 months on your back
You fed me with milk
Even thou I’d bit it everytime
You flogged me when I sinned,
Praised me when I did well
You work tirelessly for my sake
And bring dinner to me on a plate
O mum, you are a Queen

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