Orobo Vs Lepa, which is a man’s taste?

Yes, this has been an article have wanted to write
since but other things keep blocking me from
writing it. Well I don get time now.

Orobo vs Lepa: Which is a mans taste.
Over time have met a few of these girls and those
girls and as a lover of arguments I like bringing
topics that will unleash the true character of a
woman. I was chatting with a slim female pal one
day and I asked if she loved her stature, she said
‘yes of cos, at least I can get everything I need
easily and cheap too.’ You know what she means???
She can buy her dress cheaper cos she’s slim, even
fashion designers aka Tailors tend to sew
clothes for slimmer ladies cheaper than their fat
counterparts because they believe they will use
less amount of clothes *true talk*
As for the hefty category of female friends I
have, *chukles* they don’t like comparism between
them and the slim ladies, Never. They believe
they’ve got what men want in a woman, high sexual
appeal, and if you’ve got it right in the kitchen,
your husband can’t cheat on you unless he’s a
glutton. Like one of them said, “it takes a strong
man to handle heavy equipment” (true small) Fat
ladies, who are beautiful with it are so hard to get
into a relationship, its like drawing a shark out of
Although fat ladies got them selve some
advantages for being fat, the disadvantages are
also incurred. Like a popular TV advert on NTA
around 2005-2007, a fat lady climbs a commercial
motorcycle and immediately, the tyre busts!!!
Eversince, Okada men no dey dull themselves. A
slim lady can take a 50 mile bike for 80N but a fat
lady gets an inflated price.
As for the slim ones, yes they are mobile, I mean
they can jumb a parameter fence if a thief comes
calling but still some look like smoked fish if
care is not taken, *no hard fellings oooo* if you
see some lepa ehn eg. The popular early 2000′s
yoruba actress ‘lepa shandi’ you would feel like
vomiting. Rumour has it that an orobo woman would
eat more food on a date than a slim one, well I
don’t have proof yet.
As for me, I prefer my woman been plump, You
know I like big things but I don’t like oversize
sha, so you won’t kill me with money . So guys,
which do you prefer, Orobo or lepa? Ladies, do
you like been fat or slim?

True talk :-D

True talk 😀

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