10 Ways To Make Money Without A Job

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you
have to invest money to make money”?
For most people, this is seemingly
impossible. After all, how do you come up
with the money in the first place? The
obvious answer is to get a job.
Unfortunately the job posts are running
thin online as the job market continues
to get worse, thus making competition
harder than ever. If you open up the job
advertisements in the paper, you’ll be
more likely to find non-paying internships
than a job that will bank you minimum
wage. What makes it worse is the bills
will still come to your mailbox whether
or not you can pay them. So if you can’t
make it past the second interview or find
a job, what’s the next step? There are
plenty of ways to make money from home
that give you the opportunity to be your
own boss. Here a few money making tips
from me that will help you pay your
bills and stay away from debt while you
continue your search for the perfect job:



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Poetry: Get up, Lagos is awake

The Sun Is rising
I am still wallowing in my bed
O, lazy Issac
Get up and get yourself some bread
Lagos never sleeps
Why do you sleep then?
Lagos never stops its beats
Why do you stop your dance-steps then?
Monday to Friday work like a clock
Saturday and Sunday talk like a cock
And if I don’t work
I would die of being mocked
Money must be made
Love must be gained
Money makes a man feel loved
And Love makes a man feel more loved
She won’t follow you in poverty
but she can eat you when wealthy
So why do you run after her ass?
Get up and work, O issac!

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Just scrool down and type a comment (name and email fields are not important)