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Peak Scratch and win…

It was the year 2006, I was still in Primary 4 of Elias Int. School, the school was close to my mums business premises so I had the freedom of moving out of school at break periods to collect stuffs from my mum. This faithful day, I had just left school for my mums shop with my Ghanian classmate Kofi, Kofi and I had been putting up piles of Peak tin wrappers hoping we would win the grand prize of 1 million naira and become the youngest millionaire in Nigeria. That the kofi brought 3 more to make our wrappers 80pieces.

We rushed out as I rang the bell for break time, (I was the first ever time-keeper of the Primary school) after taking my lunch pack from mum, we took to haste and queued up on the line. By 11;55 it was just 2 people before it would be my turn, and I was to ring the bell by 12 noon, angry and confused I decide to wait and as I played and scratched a portion of the paper where the prizes where adorned with shiny but soft coverings, the word “Try” showed to me and I never managed to scratch “again”!!!!

It was 12:05, By now Kofi had seen his own “try again” too and we were headed back for school, on getting there, the Director of studies was at the gate, furious that the school wasn’t rang for classes after 7 minutes late ( my assistant doesn’t know time). On seeing me coming from outside, My hell was prepared for me, I and Kofi were flogged thoroughly and ever since that day, I never cried for being flogged again. (Maybe it was good after all) 😀
Bad news was, we didn’t win anything, not even a pen, as everyone in the classroom later heard of why we were punished, they never stopped laughing, we were nicknamed “Youngest millionaire” around the whole school (It was a primary and secondary school in one building) I kinda loved the publicity then sha. Did someone even win the grand prize? I can’t remember sef.

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