Never ask for directions in Lagos

Lagos Island

Lagos Island

As I would always say, “if you don’t know where you are going, you know where you are coming from.” Lagos, Nigeria’s capital is not the largest state in the country but its population speaks for itself. If you are new to lagos, welcome then, but to survive, you must obey some rules :-D.

The day I stopped asking people for direction in Lagos was when,….

It was a sunday, My friends birthday was scheduled for that afternoon at a multi-purpose hall on the Lagos-Island axis of the state, as usual, I went to church and as the pastor was spending much time on the sermon, I felt like standing up and telling him “Chairman, Hurry up nah!” 😡 But it wasn’t possible :-|. After all the proceedings, he finally shared the grace and I was free to go home.
On getting home, I made breakfast for the family, (My regular duty) and I set out to go and have some rocking nice time, before leaving home, my pal called reminding me I was late already, but I told him I was on the way already ;). I knew my way to the Island, but I wasn’t familiar with the island streets, I walked as my friend had directed my earlier but I didn’t get to the right place, so I decided to call him back and I could hear was “the number you are calling is currently…..” Without the female machine finishing her words I cut the call in anger and decided to ask passerby’s. I approached the first and said,

Me: Sir am going to Odufa street, how do I get there?

(He seemed not to know the place but to protect his personality, he thought deep and said)
Man: Oh it up the road, keep walking.

I was like, I be Jonny walker??? But I used faith and after 20mins walk no Odunfa, I decided to ask again, this time I fell into worse hands. I asked for Odufa street and he said “Ha aa, You don pass there, you see, walk down, you would see a big company(there were many big companies on the road o) turn to that street, you will see a junction, go left then you would walk down, the street enter each other, that’s odunfa.” I was glad but that gladness na lie, after walking as I said, I came to nothing but a close, he directed me to Odunfa close while I was going to Odufa street.

Chai, I was vexed ehn :-x, 12noon and I was sweating like fried chicken, if it was the mainland, commercial motorcycles would have been flowing everywhere to pick up passengers but I had to go to there park and told one I was going to Odufa, after much deliberation he accepted 100N as his fee, Just carry me there was what my mind was angrily saying, to my surprise, the odufa street was very close to the park, but our Okada rider took long journey to make the money worth the journey (I knew this after my friend later escorted me down after the party)

Lagos sha!!! We no dey sleep, Nobody wan form olodo. Have you ever experienced something similar? Lease share with us your story below by Kindly leaving us a comment