The Jonathans’s: There is God

Nigeria's first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan

Nigeria’s first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan

I watched Mrs Jonathan’s meeting on Channels TV and came
away with more than mixed feelings.
As I watched this important gathering that Mrs Jonathan had
pulled together on the back of lack of results in the case of
the abducted school girls of Chibok in Borno State, my
immediate impression was that, chai, with the right handling,
this lady could be a good leader. And since we are already
being led, or must be led by a Jonathan, we are probably being
governed by the wrong one.
Then, lamentably, Mrs Jonathan veered off and went the
way of…well…Mrs Jonathan. She began to want to conflate
matters and lay the wrong emphasis on the wrong things.
But, doesn’t matter; Mrs Jonathan had done something that, in
the beginning, was certainly right; something that needed to
be done and should have been done long before then. Through
her small meetings, Mrs Jonathan managed to upstage her
husband and, in fact, achieved in a couple of days more than
the President and his security chiefs have achieved in damn
near three years. Her intervention was more dynamic and
shone more light on some pertinent issues – not like the
occasional photo of talk-shop we get from the President.
Sometimes, a leader just has to lead; period. Mrs Jonathan, in
her own garrulous way, did just that at the end of last week.
She had dragged before her some of the dramatis personae in
this whole sordid Chibok matter. Through her effort, we can
now see that there has been a method to Boko Haram‘s
madness all along. We now know that apart from churches,
Boko Haram appears to have been deliberately targeting
schools with largely Christian students or in largely Christian
populated areas.
Through Mrs Jonathan’s effort, we also found out that the
governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima, despite West
African Examination Council’s (WAEC) advice to the contrary,
deliberately left the school (a State school) open for exams
and therefore left it vulnerable to what subsequently befell
those girls. Mr Shettima refused for the students to be
moved to relatively safer examination centres in Maiduguri.
Instead, he wrote to WAEC assuring them that adequate
security will be provided for the school. Obviously, adequate
security wasn’t provided; look what has happened! You can
begin to see why Mrs Jonathan veered off tangent and gave
in to her more impulsive, antediluvian and suspicious side.
This should give all of us a pause. The rest of us and Mr
Jonathan need to rethink our approach to this menace.
Furthermore, I was shocked to hear the President say that we
do not have a modern army. We don’t? What then has been
happening to all the billions that go into Defence budgets
every year? So, in a way, I was relieved to learn that the
Americans are coming to help us out. At this point, any help
would be better than what has obtained for three long
weeks. However, it would be best if the Americans assist
from the ‘rear’ so that their humanitarian intervention doesn’t
turn into another theatre of good versus evil confrontation.
My guess is that the cowardly Boko Haramites are still holding
on to the school girls in the forest as human shields. What an
And this is why I disagree with Ms Iyabo Obasanjo who in a
recent open letter to Boko Haram likened that group to a
revolutionary one.
I don’t know whether Ms Obasanjo’s take was informed by
her ongoing walk down the cathartic path, but to christen
Boko Haram a revolutionary group sounds too close to
blasphemy. If anything, Boko Haram is the military arm of one
half of the exploitative and thieving cabal that holds Nigeria
down. Their current campaign is directed squarely at the
people – the exact opposite definition of a revolution. After
maiming and killing fellow citizens, their leaders can often be
found cooling off in the inner recesses of the mansions and
guest houses of cabal members.
This is why I spit whenever I hear another one of their
leaders carp that Jonathan should not seek re-election
because of his lack of vigour in combating insecurity in the
country. This is coming from the same people who told us
that they will make the country ungovernable. It is like a
tenant who lets into the house his sticky-fingered prodigal
son only to turn around and blame the gateman for his missing
Their Boko Haram has taken up arms against the State, not in
a revolutionary fervour but to criminally avenge an election
loss. Do revolutionaries drive past schools of the privileged,
head for schools for ordinary folks and gun down sleeping
students in their beds? Do revolutionaries drive past opulent
mansions and other obscene edifices of graft and go bomb a
motor park for the exclusive use of ordinary folks? I don’t
think so.
It really burns me that Mr Jonathan continues to refuse to pick
up the sponsors of Boko Haram. What really is stopping him?
I don’t at all understand this kind of leadership model.
So I found Mrs Jonathan’s effort and contribution (which
sadly later degenerated into a spectacle) in unravelling this
national heartbreak refreshing. We just wish Mr Jonathan
could be more like her in some aspects.

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Boko Haram Leader Says He Will ‘Sell’ Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls In Chilling Video

It is three weeks since the girls were
abducted and Boko Haram has
threatened to 'sell' them

It is three weeks since the girls were
abducted and Boko Haram has
threatened to ‘sell’ them

Boko Haram will “sell your girls in the market”,
the terrorist leader has vowed in a chilling video
message to parents of the kidnapped Nigerian
school girls
Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the Nigerian
Islamist group Boko Haram notorious for targeting schools,
claimed responsibility for the abduction of
hundreds of girls aged 16 to 18 from their
Borno state school in a video message released
by Agence France Press.

“I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the
market, by Allah,” Shekau said, according to the
news agency’s translation. “We are holding
people [as] slaves.”
The girls should be married, not in school, he
continued, according to the BBC.
“God instructed me to sell them, they are his
properties and I will carry out his instructions.”
Authorities searching for the missing girls say
dozens have escaped from their captors but
276 are still missing. They were taken three
weeks ago from their school in Chibok.
Last week, senior community leader Dr Pogu
Bitrus told Channel 4 News that he believed
many of the girls, who were mainly Christian,
were compelled to convert to Islam and
“forcibly married off with a bride price of just
2,000 Naira [less than £10].” He did not cite
his sources.
But a different source, involved in the hostage
negotiations, told Channel 4 News that he
believes the girls will be returned safely for a
ransom. “It would not be hard to engineer a deal.
It looks like they want to release them,” he said.
As anger swells in Nigeria over the handling of
the case, and protest marches take place
across the nation, police arrested the leader of
a group that called on authorities to do more to
find the kidnapped girls.
Reuters reported that Naomi Mutah Nyadar had
been detained, suspected of falsely claiming
that one of the abducted girls was her
But local reports suggest the arrest was
connected with a meeting with Nigeria’s First
Lady Patience Jonathan, who had felt slighted
that the mothers of the girls did not come to
meet her, and were instead represented by
Mutah Nyadar, who is from the girls’ local Chibok
AP quoted community leader, Saratu Angus
Ndirpaya, as saying that Jonathan accused the
activists of fabricating the abductions in order
to smear her husband’s government.

‘How we jumped out of Boko Haram truck’ – girls who escaped speak

Punch interviews two of the girls who jumped out of the
truck they were being transported in by Boko Haram men
after the men stormed their school and kidnapped over
250 girls. Interview below

What is your name?
Sawok: My name is Amina Sawok.
Walse: My name is Thabita Walse.

Can you describe the attack on your school?
Sawok: We were in the hostel. One of the men dressed in
military camouflage asked us where our dining hall was. From
our hostels, they took us to the dining hall and from there,
we were moved into the waiting vehicles and they headed
towards Damboa town. The incident happened around
Walse: It is a long story. They came to our school and
deceived us into believing they were soldiers. They were
dressed in military uniform and made us believe they were
about rescuing us only for us to later find out that they
were insurgents. When we discovered, it was already too
late and there was little we could do.

At what point did you know they were not real
soldiers but insurgents?
Sawok: They were shouting and rude. That was when it
became clear to us that they were insurgents, then they
started shooting and set our school on fire. They even shot
the security men guarding the school.
How did you escape?
Sawok: I jumped out of the vehicle that looked like a truck.
Walse: Our vehicle developed a problem and they were
forced to stop. I took the opportunity with some girls to run
into a dark bush.
What gave you the courage to jump out of the
Sawok: I have heard a lot about Boko Haram, the bad
things they do and how they have killed many people in the
state. I was afraid and I became desperate. I felt getting to
their camp could be dangerous for me and it would be better
if I escaped. That gave me the courage to jump out. I
believed that I would only get injured since it was dark and
they may not know how to look for me in the bush.

Did all the girls that escaped plan it?
Sawok: No, I believe the same thing was running through
our minds. Immediately one of us jumped out, the rest of us
just started following her.
Do you have any injury?
Sawok: No, I am very fine.

How do you feel about the others that were not
able to escape?
Sawok: I would have loved all of us to escape. I can’t
celebrate my escape because some of my friends and
classmates are still in the hands of the insurgents and I
don’t know what they are facing. It is my prayer that they
should be freed.
Walse: I have no problem, I am okay and very strong
physically. The only problem I have is that some of my
friends are still held hostage by terrorists.



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“I Can See It, The 200 Abducted Girls Are Coming” – TB Joshua

Am not a big fan of Popular Nigerian Prophet, T.B. Joshua, but this time I gotta write this. He proclaimed to
his congregation on Sunday 27th April, 2014, that the
abducted schoolgirls in Borno State were on the
verge of being released by ‘God’, adding that almost
half had already escaped their kidnappers clutches
and on their way to freedom already.
Amid mounting public fury and an international
outcry over the fate of the over 200 kidnapped
teenage girls – now missing for nearly 2weeks – TB Joshua declared:
“They have to be released. That is the. voice of God!”
He described a revelation he said God showed him:
“I saw a vision where some of these girls
have escaped and they are trying to find
their way from the forest to the town. God
has spoken – these children must be
released. We can’t wait to see them.”
In a message broadcast live via his widely viewed
station Emmanuel TV and posted on his official
Facebook page followed by close to 1,000,000 people,
he counseled the girl’s parents to know that people
felt their pain. “It is not your battle alone but the
battle of all people of God all over the world. They
are also our children.”
TB Joshua warned security forces involved in rescue
efforts to be careful not to be drawn into
unnecessary confrontation. “God has promised all of
them will come out free, without harm and hurt.
However, if there is unnecessary confrontation, it
may affect them,” the pastor, whose recent YouTube
clip showing a prophecy of the ill-fated MH370 plane
went viral and garnered international media
attention, cautioned.
“let us be prayerful and at the same time be
tactical and strategic, so they will not harm
our dear schoolgirls. Their captors are in a
place where they cannot move forward or
backwards. Confrontation is dangerous.”



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Letter to Mr President: Where are our Girls?

2 weeks on, they are in a location only God knows

2 weeks on, they are in a location on God knows

Alawode Peter, Jambite and Political writer. Winner at Lagos State Internal Revenue Essay and Mike Okwonkwo Essay.
Dear Mr President and to whom this may concern.
It would be cynical of me if I claim I don’t know what’s trending in the mind of every average Nigerian and the international world at large with a syndrome of sympathy. So would it be a white lie if our president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan also claims he’s uninformed of the 234 girls currently in the den of religious fanatics and heartless humans who decided to take girls, young enough to be their daughters from a simple exam of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) on the 15th of April 2014, to become arithmetical weddings to imbeciles and stupid incarnate’s of the extremist islamist sect, Boko Haram who believe these girls shouldn’t be in school but be in the kitchen and on the beds of their cruel masters as sex slaves.
It would dawn on me and you that where our girls where kidnapped, Chibok L.G.A in Borno State is a land where we beg parents to send kids to schools. Now they have sent them, but all they get is what can make some hate schools for life. If going to school is a crime, let us know, so our daughters won’t get kidnapped again. When we were in school, as able government students, we were thought that its the obligation of the government to protect the life of its citizens, if this is what they call protection of life’s, then they must have studied the wrong topics. We are talking or 234 Crying mothers here, over 2000+ crying family members here, over 70,000 inhabitants of Chibok living in fear and over 180 Million Nigerians fighting for justice.
We Nigerians have taken to any means possible to make our voice heard, social media, news bulletins, peaceful protest and so on but it seems we have been speaking to stones as our cries have yielded no result. The hash tag #Bringbackourgirls and #Whereareourgirls are being use on twitter by angry but yet powerless Nigerians to voice out their distress. It makes me cry the more when I remember that these girls are my age group, they ought to be married by us not those callous imbecile.

Nigerians are angry, the International world is angry, I am angry, You are angry, everyone is angry, is our president angry? That remains a question to be answered by him. Is the SSS, the Nigerian Army, and other relevant authorities angry? That remains a question to be answered by them, but as we are concerned and judging by what we have seen, they are not angry, if they were, we would have buried this case “in the days of Moses”.
With the snail-like entry of 2015 not yet noticed by all, the 14th of February, 2015, would still come, the populace would show no love to His Excellency Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan if he runs for a ‘technical’ 2nd Term in the general elections if he doesn’t bring back our girls. There would be no political Hallelujah boys, unless for those uneducated enough to know they days of Nigeria looking like the Biblical Isreal in Babylon is only meters away. A year which promised to be great was greeted by the end of the ASUU strike which lingered to the end of 2013, has now been revived to demeanour again by our daughters which have been taken ‘into the land of Egypt’. They ought to have pencils in their hands not penis, they ought to wear school uniforms not terrorist uniforms, they ought to sleep with their parents not their captors.
In conclusion, I as a Nigerian, one who has the civil rights imbibed in every Nigerian as “the freedom of speech” is expressing it here loud and clear, #Bringbackourgirls They are supposed to be doing their arithmetic assignments now, not terrorist assignments. We Nigerians are angry and are not smiling 😡 So we are calling on the “Moses” of our time, our leader, to maker the necessary orders and find our girls as Moses stretch out his rod on the red sea to kill his captors, kill them too, squash their brains and lead our girls back home from the land of wilderness so we can have a celebration when they are back.
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