There is this lethal creature with all the qualities that man loathes, the whole anatomy a devilish shade of black, an eerie figure with ghoulic taunting eyes sharp as the tungsten, a very dreadful array of teeth nothing in variance with from that of a blood thirsty zombie, sharp icy claws the length of a life sucking vampire’s, a stocking knocking costume of unblemished charcoal horny overall, a massive thorny club of life termination, no grin would be as breathtakingly scary, legs long and reaching as the pole vault, a stunningly sensitive olfactory lobe that fishes out the pret wherever they may be hiding, all made worse by an alien foolproof sharpness that cannot be double crossed.
They make their presence known by a noisy arrival that cannot be mistaken,their visits are impromptu and only but a few a found ready, none could have developed worse manners as theirs, when they arrive they bother not about knocking,they knock off the latch at the entrance with a forceful thud and the door falls apart,scans for the host,locates them and move straight to deal the blow,goes for the jogular and vanishes into the air leaving the host breathless with their eyes rolling back in the sightless stare of death.
Badnews,creepy crawling evil,the cross country sprinting ace,comes at their own time,when the time is right is the wrongest time here,but then the host is always home. Run run,the menace is on the way,pity no-one can outrun them,some run to fight another day,few struggle to survive a duel and vengeance becomes paramount,one couldn’t say they are smart,its a question of orders,but play judo when the order is definite- God buy ye. What a cruel grasp of invincible strength,what a smashing jawbreaking fist,folks and neighbours never make it in time to salvage the victim,all they meet are the shredding crumbs in an unstoppable wreckage of a once well packaged embodyment.
If man could understand their language,if only they could see our teardrops as we drop on our knees with our hands shaking in a plea for pardon and clemency,if only they were created with a heart. If only the terminator wasn’t a stiffnecked straitjacketed robot programmed for a single function,if only the deathly scavanger could run into a lorry and get destroyed,if only birds and trained dogs could percieve the presense of the life sucker,if only there was a place beyond the reach of the devilish daredevil,if only,if only…
Man improvise every passing yuclo-second,brave minds thinking of means of survival,a daily realisation of how to make life easy,rave making findings in ways to dominate the earth,stunning discoveries constantly knocked out by greater ones,but the universe awaits the man that will resolve the long-term riddle of how to corner the ruthless predator. First grade detectives are yet to unravel the mystery behind the gender of the man-eater let alone their sleeping place, nothing could seem more impossible than the prospect of rounding up the finisher,who leaves no traceable trail behind at the scene of the havoc,disappears into oblivium like flame in the atmosphere, vanishes like butter in a lake of fire, man had best refrained from grasping at straws, and desist from searching for the invisible shadowless horror who has no identity and makes no footprint, and get ready for the inevitable visit.
It couldn’t be more obvious that the hero does not exist that will fathom a way to outsmart this lethal being,one can run but not escape,dodge as we may we couldn’t hide,one could always shout to alert the neighbours but the sound is stopped by sharp icy claws before it is even made, it then comes to question if for mankind truly the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, or the fear of Death….