Love and Sex- Are they related?

Love and Sex – Never Related

Hmmm, don’t read this article if you are -16, -18 or -21 in some countries. Hahahaha, just kidding.
Alotta guys been on my nerves and alotta babes been submitting nervous complains on this topic. Guys say sex is a most in a relationship, Girls say, “kilode, Na by force” But I say “Which way?” 😕

According to @WordThesaurus, Sex is a persons gender, sorry not that, sex is the act of a man doing the adult thing with a woman (incase any kid is still reading, that’s why I didn’t define in full) while love is an emotional connection between two people (can be you and your mum in agape love :-))

So, wetin emotion got to do with sex? Is sex an emotional act? Never, according to my blogging mentor, Kendell F Person of The Public Blogger in a blog post calls it an exercise. Yes, an exercise, you lose over 500 calories in a 10 mins sex bout. So wetin sex and love come get. Simple because its believed to be performed by those in love, does it make it a requirement?

Now let’s check this, Did Adam have sex with Eve before loving her? Lai lai!! If no be that fruit he chop, he for no know say she get breast self. So why do adams descendants now crave for what their GodFather didn’t? *Una Stingy*

If a guy falls in love because he’s seen a lady shake her ass while working, sorry, na sex he dey find, but if he’s moved because of something more natural, more inside, like a driving force, then its love. So which one control you guys? Ehn? Answer me!!! You see, they can’t talk.

Also, you babes get fault, since the ‘commodity’ is now up for grab anywhere, men don’t value love again instead they value the ‘bed exercise’ which makes innocent men like us look guilty in-front of timid sisters. Ask a sister out, she say, “I look like ashawo for your eyes?” Who call her ashawo? 😯

In Conclusion, Sex is not love, its just an exercise, so if your bf tells you he won’t cheat once you have sex, na lie. Love is not sex too, in the sense that if you love a guy doesn’t mean you should spread legs for him, NO! NO!! NO!!! But if you can’t help it, stay safe, use protection. That’s how far I can go. Meanwhile let me hear your opinion by leaving a comment below. For you, Is sex required in a true love relationship? Have your say below.

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