Twitter Can Ruin Your Relationship

Twitter can ruin your relationship

Twitter can ruin your relationship

Social media has great impact on your relationship. From researches conducted by different people it has been found that people who use several channels of social media to communicate including twitter and Facebook tend to experience less satisfaction in their relationships.

Lack of satisfaction in a relationship can lead to running of marriage. Remember after you fail to be satisfied in your relationship such as in a marriage what you will think of next will be divorce. Actually there are many ways in which social
media can contribute to running your marriage
. For example in making use of twitter you will be able to communicate with different people all over the world. There are those who will be married while there are those who prefer being single. After you develop a conflict in your home you will end up relying on social media for you to access advice.

From the social media you will be interacting with people who are just like you who may not have a lot of experience in marriage life. Moreover they have no feelings for your relationship, they may end up advising you to quit. After you employ their
tips you will end up running your marriage completely. The best way for you to solve a conflict in a marriage is through contacting experts in the field. Here are some ways in which the twitter can ruin your marriage:

Twitter ends up taking a lot of your time hence making you fail in playing your role in a family.
As married couples you need time to talk and concentrate in listening to each other. After being addicted by twitter you will end up twitting even when you are in your home with your partner. This will lead your partner to thinking that you do not care about him or her. This will be the start of feuds in your marriage which can end up ruining your marriage. Making use of social media is not bad considering it is among the best ways for you to interact with many people where you can share ideas but you should take your budget your time and avoid twitter interference in your marriage. When with your partner try to give him or her the attention that she needs.

The platform can lead to infidelity in marriage
In Twitter you will be interacting with different people all over the world. It can be possible that there are some people whom you will be attracted to so much. They may also be attracted to you where they will communicate with you via twitter where they will express their interest in you.
For you to avoid cases where you will end up running your marriage due to twitter you should be try and avoid any form of communication that will lead your lover to doubting you. If possible you should state clearly on your profile that you are
married. This will make people who will be admiring you communicate with you while respecting your status. You should also be disciplined where you will respect your marriage, in case you admire anybody online know that you are in a marriage and there is great need for you to safeguard it.

Twitter leads to people updating wrong information which can end up running marriage

You may be out of your senses such as when you are drunk and you end up updating wrong information such as the one that shows hatred for the opposite sex. For instance as a lady you may update a post that explains your dissatisfaction on male chauvinism cases. In such a case your husband may read the post and mistake you of discussing him on the social media in case there are some cases where you may have argued over some matters. This can lead to arguments in your relationship which can end up
running your marriage. You may also like a page that has wrong information for your marriage. In case your lover is too sensitive he or she will end up questioning you. This will be your start of problems in your relationship which social media will have engineered. As a married person you should always try and update the right information in your twitter account so that you will be able to account for different cases where the message may risk your marriage.

There you have it, so from now on I believe you would know when and how to tweet so as to save your princess from storming out of the apartment, meanwhile, chao and good day.

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