I went to the bank with only my pants on me

Haba, shitty, do you believe that I went to the bank with only my pants on me? I looked at myself in utter most amusement, a feeling of anger and surprise shook me at the sime time. It was jejele jejele this morning o, after all the midnight browsing I was doing out of boredom, the sleep decided to come at a balderdash hour. 5:17am, wetin I wan come sleep again? šŸ˜
As I was trying to close my eyes, I experienced sometime I haven’t had in a long time, you know when you about to sleep then a dream comes but you can still see faintly everything that’s happening around? Its called Hypnagogia (see grammer) well check out it means on wikipedia by clicking Hypnagogia,
In this Hypnagogian dream, I meet a funny doom
I heard my dad asking me to Dress up and go to the bank to make some transactions for him, I stood up, but was on the bed in real life. Took the money and went to the bank, I filled the necessary things and queued up. It was when it was my turn, the lady at the desk said “Nice 6 packs you’ve got” in a romantic tone, I replied “thanks beauty” then she asked, “your cash?” I tried dipping my hand into my breast pocket but all I could reach unto was my bare breast, *chai* “I no wear cloth go bank!!!” 8-O. All I had on was my sleeping boxers, which was obviously a short one so as to allow breeze blow my big boy. I walked out of the bank, pondering how-come? It was then I knew how come, I was only sleep thinking. šŸ™‚

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