Letter to Mr President: Where are our Girls?

2 weeks on, they are in a location only God knows

2 weeks on, they are in a location on God knows

Alawode Peter, Jambite and Political writer. Winner at Lagos State Internal Revenue Essay and Mike Okwonkwo Essay.
Dear Mr President and to whom this may concern.
It would be cynical of me if I claim I don’t know what’s trending in the mind of every average Nigerian and the international world at large with a syndrome of sympathy. So would it be a white lie if our president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan also claims he’s uninformed of the 234 girls currently in the den of religious fanatics and heartless humans who decided to take girls, young enough to be their daughters from a simple exam of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) on the 15th of April 2014, to become arithmetical weddings to imbeciles and stupid incarnate’s of the extremist islamist sect, Boko Haram who believe these girls shouldn’t be in school but be in the kitchen and on the beds of their cruel masters as sex slaves.
It would dawn on me and you that where our girls where kidnapped, Chibok L.G.A in Borno State is a land where we beg parents to send kids to schools. Now they have sent them, but all they get is what can make some hate schools for life. If going to school is a crime, let us know, so our daughters won’t get kidnapped again. When we were in school, as able government students, we were thought that its the obligation of the government to protect the life of its citizens, if this is what they call protection of life’s, then they must have studied the wrong topics. We are talking or 234 Crying mothers here, over 2000+ crying family members here, over 70,000 inhabitants of Chibok living in fear and over 180 Million Nigerians fighting for justice.
We Nigerians have taken to any means possible to make our voice heard, social media, news bulletins, peaceful protest and so on but it seems we have been speaking to stones as our cries have yielded no result. The hash tag #Bringbackourgirls and #Whereareourgirls are being use on twitter by angry but yet powerless Nigerians to voice out their distress. It makes me cry the more when I remember that these girls are my age group, they ought to be married by us not those callous imbecile.

Nigerians are angry, the International world is angry, I am angry, You are angry, everyone is angry, is our president angry? That remains a question to be answered by him. Is the SSS, the Nigerian Army, and other relevant authorities angry? That remains a question to be answered by them, but as we are concerned and judging by what we have seen, they are not angry, if they were, we would have buried this case “in the days of Moses”.
With the snail-like entry of 2015 not yet noticed by all, the 14th of February, 2015, would still come, the populace would show no love to His Excellency Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan if he runs for a ‘technical’ 2nd Term in the general elections if he doesn’t bring back our girls. There would be no political Hallelujah boys, unless for those uneducated enough to know they days of Nigeria looking like the Biblical Isreal in Babylon is only meters away. A year which promised to be great was greeted by the end of the ASUU strike which lingered to the end of 2013, has now been revived to demeanour again by our daughters which have been taken ‘into the land of Egypt’. They ought to have pencils in their hands not penis, they ought to wear school uniforms not terrorist uniforms, they ought to sleep with their parents not their captors.
In conclusion, I as a Nigerian, one who has the civil rights imbibed in every Nigerian as “the freedom of speech” is expressing it here loud and clear, #Bringbackourgirls They are supposed to be doing their arithmetic assignments now, not terrorist assignments. We Nigerians are angry and are not smiling 😡 So we are calling on the “Moses” of our time, our leader, to maker the necessary orders and find our girls as Moses stretch out his rod on the red sea to kill his captors, kill them too, squash their brains and lead our girls back home from the land of wilderness so we can have a celebration when they are back.
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4 thoughts on “Letter to Mr President: Where are our Girls?

  1. To me ehn I did not even support this our president again. Cos even my sch here at ibadan a man use to pretend as if he his mad and he will cut/remove pples head with his cutlass at night.
    And even this boko haram they don’t want us girls to sch again all dey want is to be at home and bcom a sex slave


  2. Goodluck dont show up for 2015 or watch and see but mother of the nation please help ur husband with reasoning,biafra go ur way so we can go our way pls make it cum through our less concerned president


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