Why you shoudn’t engage in Inter-office relationships

Interoffice relationships should pretty much be
banned, rather than frowned upon. People get
themselves mixed up in these situations
because we tend to spend the bulk of our days
at the office. It’s easy to develop a work crush,
but how you handle it makes all the difference.
If your career is important to you, you should
probably avoid this diabolical situation at all
costs, as it can get very messy, very quickly.
Should you choose to embark on this path of
inter-office sexual relations, here are some tips
you should consider:

Don’t Tell Coworkers
Everyone loves a secret, but no one knows how
to keep it. In this situation, the less people
that know about your interoffice romance, the
better. The last thing you want is for your
philandering to fall victim to office gossip.
So, instead of offering up your relationship on
a silver platter to the chatty Cathys of your
cubicle, make sure you and your partner discuss
logistics and really get a game plan together in
order to avoid that painfully awkward and
embarrassing conversation with your boss.

Do Not Date Your Superior
Dating the boss is never a good idea for many
reasons. You never want to give another person
control over you (unless, of course, it’s in the
bedroom and you’re into that sort of thing).
This can jeopardize advancements in your
career within your current group and within the
company as a whole because you are mixing
business with pleasure.
Even if it’s public knowledge that you are
involved with one another, you then risk the
notion that you may be receiving special
treatment due to your situation.

Boredom Sets In
If you’re seeing someone every single day of the
week AND spending your weekends together, you
definitely run the risk of becoming bored with
the relationship.
Dating outside your work circle allows open
communication about your day-to-day, maybe
some funny stories about coworkers and that
promotion you have been inquiring about;
dating within your work circle does not.
A coworker is there experiencing it all with you.
Plus, you have to be careful about what you
blab; if you ask me, that’s a lot of effort
especially when wanting to vent to your partner
without reservation.

The Jealousy Factor
Your partner hires a pretty young thing and now
all you can think about is their sexual tension
and bonding over late night meetings and
PowerPoint presentations while you’re not
around. That will not only affect your
performance, but it can cause tension between
you and your other half.

The Dreaded Break-Up
So you call it quits. Good luck playing dodge ball
in the halls, pretending not to see each other in
plain sight and if you do, mastering the art the
“I didn’t even see you there” look. This gets
awkward for not only the two of you, but also for
everyone around you.
It forces coworkers to choose sides, you lose
credibility with others depending on what side
of the story is being telephoned around the
cubicles, and if it gets to be too much, you run
the risk of getting fired.
Getting ready in the morning becomes a
challenge, needing to look amazing to make your
ex feel awful for dumping you, and God forbid
you start dating someone new and your ex finds
out — now that’s an awkward weekly team
So the next time you spot someone in the
office lookin’ good…look the other way. Expand
your social dating circle outside the elevator
banks or face any and all of the hypothetical
situations above.
You’ve been warned!


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