10 most twitter friendly Nigerian Celebrities

Yes! I’ve been on twitter for like 3 years now and I’ve had an encounter with almost every Nigerian celebs using the micro-blogging platform so I wanna examine the 10 most friendly of them I’ve met.

11. Peter Haloway @PeterHaloway
Yes na me first, haba, I be celebrity now, you can follow me on twitter too @AfroNotion
10. Wizkid @WizkidAyo
Mr wizkid, that’s the name of an afrobeat celeb that’s got his target on point. If there’s one thing wizkid does too, its to tweet about his personal parties and concerts. He’s also a nice guy when it comes to answering his followers.
9. Darey art alade @Darey
One one for the soul Muzik baba, “king retweeter” Darey retweets more than any other Nigerian celeb I’ve seen using the platform
8. Toyin Lawani @TiannahStyling2
Toyin baby, mean, she’s got class, and yes she uploads her beautiful designs too, she also brags about her sexy boyfriend Triggakriss and her baby by sharing pictures like its donation day.
7. Flavour Nabania @2NiteFlavour
If flavour starts a fitness blog for guys to show their heavy chests, it’s gonna get popular super quick. This celeb uses most of is time uploading his sexy chest pictures
6. IcePrince @Iceprincezamani
Iceprince, chai, the rapper is one hell of a twitter user. Most recently, he’s been using his account to receive public opinions on issues he’s finding hard to decide on his own. Men the guy suppose go National Conference and represent we youths.
5. Sound Sultan @SoundSultan
The chairman of all the Nigerian Ninjas, including me, Yes I fight karate!! Sound Sultan loves his fellow niggas, and he’s a real generous nigga, plus, his funny personality also sends his fans to serious laughter. I’ve also met Sound Sultan before, we chatted and took some pictures. He’s a real down to earth guy.
4. Don Jazzy @DONJAZZY
Are you stuck and out of airtime, don’t borrow credit from MTN, Let DonJazzy give you one for free. That’s all I know about the Marvin CEO. 🙂
3. Korede Bello @Koredebello
Mr Korede! Hmmmmm, the teenage Marvin RnB singer has gotten quick success with his single African princess, but that’s not just it, he’s also super free with his fans. To know how much Korede loves his fans, He sent a happy birthday wish to a female fan @tickcles around 2am on her birthday. *lover boy*
2. Eva Alordiah @EvaAlordiah
Eva, hmmmmm, the rap miss is a super communicator, she’s really free with everyone, ask her for a retweet, she would send you a dm instead (hyperbole) we’ve met before, and before she left, she signed an autograph for me, *sweet*
1. Denrele Edun @Denrele_Edun
Ok, this crazy nigga is topping my list and y’all should know why. If you are looking for a celebrity that’s really weird and will be super open to you as a fan, the answer is Denrele. Mr Edun abeg carry go jare!

So, if there’s a celeb I didn’t add and you thinks is worthy of being on the list, abeg tell me through the comments.

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