Killing Corruption in Nigeria

Corruption, that’s the only word every man in Nigeria can define its meaning accurately, although some will say “na thief thief by politicians”, the Professors of English would call it ”
Political corruption is not a recent phenomenon
that pervades the Nigerian country. Since the
creation of modern public administration in the
country, there have been cases of official misuse
of resources for personal enrichment
Corruption has eaten deep into the Nigerian blood. When you see a 5 year old Nigeria child, send him an errand to buy you biscuit, 60% of them will ask for a share before going on the errand, 75% will expect you to give them out of the biscuit while only 10% would walk off immediately they’ve delivered your message. Makes sense? Yes, that’s the same way corrupt leaders expect a ‘money tip’ before doing what’s suppose to be their regular job.
Nigeria, which is ranked 139th out of 176 countries in
Transparency International‘s 2012 Corruption
Perceptions Index, tied with Azerbaijan, Kenya,
Nepal, and Pakistan

The rise of public administration and the discovery
of petroleum and natural gas are two major events
seen to have led to a litany of ignoble corrupt
practices in the country. Over the years, the
country has seen its wealth withered with little to
show in living conditions of the average human
being. A Nigerian political leader, Obafemi
raised a salient issue when he said, since
independence, our governments have been a matter
of few holding the cow for the strongest and most
cunning to milk, Under those circumstances
everybody runs over everybody to make good at the
expense of others.

Public institutions perceived as corrupt
The following list contains the institutions
perceived as the most corrupt. It is culled from
the Nigeria Survey and Corruption Survey Study,
Final Report (June 2003) Institute for
Development Research, Ahmadu Bello University,
Zaria (IDR, ABU Zaria).
Nigeria (as of 2003)
1 Nigerian Police
2 Political Parties
3 National and State Assemblies
4 Local and Municipal Governments
5 Federal and State Executive Councils
6 Traffic police and FRSC

Although separate bodies have been set up to fight corruption like the ICPC (Independent corrupt practices commission) and EFCC (Economic and financial crimes commission) Instead they are the corrupt ones, recently, former Head of EFCC, Nuhu Ribadu has been investigated by the SSS (State Security Service). However, its not being a body for catching the big thieves, its for getting the “internet scam” boys aka ‘yahoo plus’

When a politician, or person of high standing in the society is been accused of corruption, it can take the court 3 months to make an arrest, 6 months to do a trial and at the end, he his granted bail for the sum of 700,000N after stealing over N12billion! Now that’s advanced corruption.

Many have asked, How do we now kill this parasite? I have the answer. All we need is Gods intervention in the matter. If we are to look critically at our government, for example, Dibu Ojerinde of JAMB is trying to end corruption in the education sector by creating all forms of ways to make sure students don’t cheat, yet, people working with him releases answers to individuals, and they pay heavily for it. The students too aren’t ready to read hard, so they pay for shortcuts.

Taking Jamb as Nigeria now, The president might have good visions for the nation, but his ministers might have personal motives and therefore, spoil his plans and make him as a person look corrupt. We can conclusively say that, Nigeria is corrupt because of its leaders. In one of the leading churches in the country, (name with-held) the Church ordered for the sale of some cars donated to the church at a subsidised rate, instead those in charge of the sales, added their own price and inflated the price. The additional price was diverted into their own personal accounts.

Now, How do we kill this guy? Simple, its hard to do than say I must confess, but I think the deed has been done already. During the Oil Boom of Nigeria in the 1970’s Nigeria should have used the money to impove the lives of its people, instead, it was spent lavishly on things not needed. Imagine govt building a ‘low cost housing estate’, and the houses should be sold for 5 Million Naira, is that low cost? This country can’t kill corruption, it can only minimise it.

*Free and fair trials for corrupt men
*Death sentence for any political holder found guilty of corruption
*A change of heart from the over 170Million Nigerians

If these can happen, then things can get better, at least better, or else, Corruption will eat this country like its a nice meal of Amala with Goat Soup.

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