A Poem Of Men, Women, alcohol and Life after death

Bunny oh runny
where do I go?
Come on lazy body
Late us make ourselves a home

Monday is here
Lagos is there
The sun shines like yellow gold
And still you sleep like a fool

You think you merry oh body
But you only perish in hurry
You Drink all your life away
By then I’ve left you in disarray

The women of Gomer’s (prostitutes) descendant know you
You spend a Dollar on them
And a cent on the Church
Merry on body, its your time to reign

Why do I feed you oh body?
Afterall I do the thinking
Why do I still like to live in you?
And yet you don’t give a fool?

But the Soul is your boss
If he runs away today, we are both dead
And by then, your body will be under the ground
But I and the soul will face judgment

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