Mixed Emotions for me as Liverpool edge closer to title win

Raheem Sterling 'beautiful' first goal

Raheem Sterling ‘beautiful’ first goal

Watching my darling club Liverpool defeat Manchester City 3-2 today was an experience worth remembering. Not just because am a Liverpool fan, but because if Liverpool win the league, it would be the second trophy Liverpool will win since I became a liverpool fan in 2006.

The game started 7 minutes late as planned to honour the 96 who died in Hillsborough, 1989, in an FA Cup Semi-final againt Sheffield Wednesday. The Local Viewing pub I went to watch the game was full of real fans and a majority of ‘fake’ Manchester City fans.

The game started on a high, Liverpool chasing Man city, things got better when Luis Suarez found Raheem Sterling and the teenager made no mistake in putting his name in the goal-sheet. He collected a beautiful pass from Suarez, turned two defenders and Hart and fired into an empty net.

Things got worst for city, better for Liverpool as Yaya Toure picked up what looks like a groin injury after trying to put a long range shot into the net but went to orbits. His removal sensed trouble for Manuel Pellegrini and the trouble came faster than expected.

Liverpool won a corner on the near side and Coutinho went and swinged the ball in, Liverpool captain Gerarrd was left alone and his free header was meet by a brilliant Joe Hart. Sooner, Gerarrd was on the taking end in the resulting corner kick Martin Skrtel, jumped high, and his shining head was all the ball needed to find the net.

Liverpool remained silent for the rest of the game unless for the misses Daniel Sturridge accrued before the half time whistle blew.

Half time break shey?? The fake fans troubled me, shouting in believe that Man City would come from behind to win the game. Well, me used faith to hold on sha 🙂

The second half commenced, Milner had been doing some warm ups at the interval, 3 minutes on, he came in and in the 57th minute, he set up Silva beautifully for City’s first goal. At this time, Man City was in control, Sturridge was lost, Coutinho looked dodgy, and city were strong.

Sooner, Nasri and Silva combined on the right and Johnson gave Man City a second goal through a diversion of his legs. !!Jesus!! I was scared, angry, tensed and feeling sorry, by this time, My brother (A chelsea fan) started teasing me, chai!! I wished I could get in the game and score a goal.

Mr Sturridge came off, Allen came on, Allen brought some new vibes, but his lack of shooting skills made him looking Suarez at a position he could shoot. The Liverpool front trio were falling offside and every real fan was frustrated.

Suddenly, Liverpool won a throw in, Johnson threw the ball, Suarez chested to the part of Kompany but the Belguim man kick the air and Coutinho who run and took a turning shot!!! Goal!!!! Everywhere was banging hard. Liverpool managed to shake of the City aggression, but Henderson gave us the bad omen 😦 a bad tackle from him, made him see red (He won’t face city). The win made liverpool sit on top of the table, 7 above Man City and two above Chelsea after the won 0-1 at Swansea later today.

In all, Wahalai I feel the game, money and time no waste!!! YNWA……. My friends, Do you think liverpool will win the league? Can they defeat chelsea come April 27?

Share your thoughts please.

Phillipe Coutinho Celebrates the winning goal

Phillipe Coutinho Celebrates the winning goal

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