Case Study: The Nigerian Mentality of Sons of Land (Omo Oni-ile)

When you are like 28 and your are married, living in a rented apartment, what comes next to your mind is buying yourself a land and building a shelter of yours, Its great getting a full plot of land or two if the case be, but its not great when you remember the “hooligans of the land” popularly known as “Omo Oni-Ile” (son of the land) in Yoruba.
It would be unwise and foolish for someone to sit down and expect people to bring you money because they want to build on the land which you believe your forefathers first settled on, won’t those land get fully built on one day? There two categories of this ‘menace’ citizens, firstly,

the ‘Fake’ ones: These are those area boys, they don’t have any land nor does there family lineage, but they tend to cause fear and anxiety on people because of there strong faces. They roam the area thatched and weary in search of the latest house under construction where they can walk in, seize working equipment’s and request for money 😑

The ‘Original’ ones: Yes, these ones have got one or two ancestral lineage with a place, most of them are in there 50’s to 70’s but not 20’s!!! The only bad thing is they are technical thieves and fraudsters.

Imagine buying a piece of land, and after building you structure up-to 60% done, another set of group of people come and tell you that you’ve bought the land from the wrong person??? πŸ˜• Yes, they do it. Its a simple plan, they are just sons of the brother of the person that sold the land in the first place and so as to prevent sharing the money he (first seller) had collected :-x.
Although they keep proving stubborn, they know their fathers :-D. They don’t joke with lands owned by Army officers, Mopols,Air fore, Policemen, Lawyers and Navy officials as they know these ones can either kill them with a battalion or finish them in court.
You are wondering, what is the Nigerian government doing then? Do they even know these things exist??? When lands are a free gifts of nature to political holders. Not even the C/O that we’ve bought from government, entitling the land to the buyer for 99 years can change things.
Government should try and look into this and create a law or two against this insolent and catastrophic menace and abuse on the Nigerian commons.
The only advice I can give is, if you wanna buy a land, erect something on it as quick as possible then, either make friends with a lot of soldiers or with a lot of area boys, (especially the Oshodi ones in Lagos, they’ve got broad chests :-D). You would need them to make you get revered in the community or else, your land might even be resold for another helpless nigerian.
So friends, ever experienced such? Or know a story that’s close? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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4 thoughts on “Case Study: The Nigerian Mentality of Sons of Land (Omo Oni-ile)

  1. Evry man knws his fathers land so he goes home& bcomes Onile also,it is beta he buys a land cheaper in his fathers land if he doesn’t want disturbances rather dan going 2develop anoda mans land &b troubled


    • Nice one too but you definitely won’t want to buy a land in your fathers land which is in the village to build your house while you work in Lagos. Plus the family spiritual battle of a thing scares people from living in their village, even when old. Why not ask yourself why you reside in the city and see the answers you give πŸ™‚


  2. If u av money u shld b ready to pay d bills of Onile,if u dnt want to pay then go home to your Fathers land& ask hw u can benefit frm Onile, I went 2 Delta State &made 5k evryday witout workin bt I followed d youth to claim my rights


    • Nice idea kenny, its beautiful you made it through the right path but the case here is the aggressive and corrupt act of most of them, my family is a victim now. Our two storey building (I.e 2 houses that are a storey each) have been built to decking capacity but we are been told to go fect 870,000N again, claiming we bought from the wrong person, what can we do?? We are helpless. (Its 4 plots of land buy the way) 😦


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