Why do guys get cheated in the market?

Yes, all these our market women self, I dunno why they love cheating we men 😡 when we go buy foodstuffs, I just don’t know.
I went to buy Lemon (for my fine face treatment) some weeks ago and 9 was sold for me at 240N but when mum went and bought it for me yesterday, 10 pieces was sold for 150N 😯 chai, see gap, not only was it 90N less but it added one more to the quantity.
These Iya Oloja’s believe we don’t know the market price so they tend to make extra gain on us :-P. If they don’t know, 🙂 I’ve gotten a solution, before I go to the market now, I’d always call my mum for market price so they don’t “cheat a bachelor” 😀

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