Lagos babes and the Okada Palavar

Lagos again is at it, this time, its women are the focal point. Have you ever been at an okada park and after waiting for a second passenger and it happens to be a woman, then she asks you to sit first because she doesn’t want to sit in-between two men? Yes is your answer right. Every Lagosian has experienced such, but the funny thing is, Why do they do this?

Ill call it lack of knowledge maybe, Most would say they don’t want to seat in the middle because their chests would be hitting the okada rider and the guy at the back would be tapping back current 😉 Make we tap but does it rape or change her name?

So to avoid sharing of what’s not yours 😉 they (ladies) love to sit at the back and endure a lot of pains. Firstly, they are uncomfortable because of the seat iron at the back and most of them fear falling of the bike at times 🙄 so what’s the soltion then?
Abeg my sisters and brothers, What should the ladies do oooo?

Kindly leave us a comment below


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